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ZWE 2005-06 DHS

The 2005-2006 Zimbabwe Demographic and Health Survey (2005-06 ZDHS) was implemented by the Central Statistical Office (CSO) from August 2005 to March 2006. The 2005-06 ZDHS is one of a series of surveys undertaken by the CSO as part of the Zimbabwe National Household Survey Capability Programme (ZNHSCP). Macro International Inc. provided technical assistance and funding through the MEASURE DHS project, a USAID funded project providing support for the implementation of population and health surveys in countries worldwide. The Ministry of Health and Child Welfare (MOH&CW), the Zimbabwe Family Planning Council (ZNFPC) and the Musasa Project contributed significantly to the design, implementation, and analysis of the ZDHS results. Other agencies and organizations facilitating the successful implementation of the survey through technical and/or financial support include the Government of Zimbabwe, the National Microbiology Reference Laboratory (NMRL), and the USAID/Zimbabwe Mission etc.

The 2005-06 ZDHS is a nationally representative survey of 8,907 women age 15-49 and 7,175 men age 15-54. It is the fourth comprehensive survey conducted in Zimbabwe as part of the Demographic and Health Surveys (DHS) programme. The data are intended to furnish programme managers and policymakers with detailed information on levels and trends in fertility; nuptiality; sexual activity; fertility references; awareness and use of family planning methods; breastfeeding practices; nutritional status of mothers and young children; early childhood mortality and maternal mortality; maternal and child health; and awareness and behaviour regarding HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted infections. The 2005-06 ZDHS is the first ZDHS survey to collect information on malaria prevention and treatment and domestic violence. The 2005-06 ZDHS is also the first survey in Zimbabwe to provide population-based prevalence estimates for anaemia and HIV. Women age 15-49 and men age 15-54 were tested for anaemia and HIV. Children ages 6-59 months were tested for anaemia.

The final report is available here.


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