Malawi 2010-2011 Third Integrated Household Survey (IHS-3) DATASET

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MWI 2010-11 IHS-3

Malawi 2010-2011 Third Integrated Household Survey (IHS-3) is supported by the Living Standards Measurement Study - Integrated Surveys on Agriculture (LSMS-ISA) project undertaken by the Development Research Group at the World Bank. The LSMS-ISA project aims to support governments in seven Sub-Saharan African countries to generate nationally representative, household panel data with a strong focus on agriculture and rural development. The surveys under the LSMS-ISA project are modeled on the multi-topic integrated household survey design of the LSMS; Household, Agriculture, and Community questionnaires are each an integral part of every survey effort. For some of the surveys that have been done over the years, panel data sets that merge the multiple years of data have been created. 

The Third Integrated Household Survey (IHS3) was implemented in the period of March 2010-March 2011. A sub-sample of IHS3 sample enumeration areas (EAs) were randomly selected prior to the start of the field work. These EAs/households were visited twice during the IHS3 to reduce recall associated with different aspects of agricultural data collection, while the rest of the IHS3 sample were visited once, mirroring the). The selected EAs/households will also be tracked and resurveyed in 2013 as part of the IHS3-Panel Subcomponent. The IHS3 sampling frame includes the three major regions of Malawi, namely North, Center and South; and is stratified into rural and urban strata. It includes 768 EAs (12,271 households) in total. The IHS3 consists of four questionnaire instruments; the household questionnaire, the agriculture questionnaire, the fishery questionnaire and the community questionnaire. The IHS3 sample as a whole does not have any links to the IHS2 sample. The IHS3 serves as a baseline for the panel subsample follow-up in 2013.

Malawi 2004-05 Second Integrated Household Survey (IHS-2) dataset is availble here.


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