AgriTech Toolbox: Using Agricultural Technologies for Enhanced Productivity and Sustainable Food Security

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AgriTech Toolbox 

The AgriTech Toolbox enables researchers and policymakers to examine how alternative agricultural practices and technologies can impact farm yields, food prices, natural resource use, hunger, malnutrition, land use and global trade in 2050, when climate change impacts may be severe. As a result, it can inform the right mix of policies and investments needed to tackle the challenges agriculture faces in the coming decades.

AgriTech Toolbox can address the current knowledge gap agriculture faces:

  • Where do we target investments?
  • What technologies can increase yield and improve sustainability?
  • Which technologies may help farmers adapt to climate change?
  • How can we tailor solutions to best address needs of local farmers?

The AgriTech Toolbox is built from the results of a multi-year research project by the International Food Policy Research Institute, culminating in a book titled “Food Security in a World of Natural Resource Scarcity: The Role of Agricultural Technologies”. The book reports on the impacts of key agricultural technologies and practices in every major region and hundreds of countries around the globe. Specifically, the book and online database report the yield impacts of the adoption of 10 key technologies for maize, wheat and rice by 2050, as well as related changes in harvested area, food production, trade, global food prices, hunger and malnutrition.

The AgriTech Toolbox allows you to work with these data directly. By selecting a country or region along with a technology, climate scenario, crop and water management practice – you can explore how key agricultural and food security parameters will change in 2050. This information may be used to develop investment strategies and scale up agricultural technologies in key food insecure but also breadbasket regions.

Explore the tool and learn how agriculture can meet the needs of our changing world.

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Environment and Production Technology Division (EPTD) of International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI). 2014. AgriTech Toolbox: Using agricultural technologies for enhanced productivity and sustainable food security. Seattle, WA, USA; Washington, D.C.: Spatial Dev; International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI). 
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14 Feb, 2014 
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14 Feb, 2014 
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